MareFrame: where knowing meets doing!

Why? To achieve a balance between ecological and human well-being through good governance in European fisheries.


An international consortium of 28 partners from 14 countries and 3 continents, including an extensive array of leading researchers from natural and social sciences as well as the Advisory Councils, the multi-stakeholders platform within the Common Fisheries Policy.


Combining 3 strategies:

  1. Improving the science supporting EAFM.
    – Using a multi-model approach (6 ecosystem-based models in 8 ecosystems)
    – Applying novel data based on new tools and technologies
    – Implementing a transdisciplinary approach to harness complexity and uncertainty.
  2. Supporting decision-making, developing management scenarios that enable the analysis of trade-offs and consequences. MareFrame outcomes are designed to “doing EAFM now”.
  3. Embedding MareFrame in the real policy context thorough the co-creation approach. Stakeholders share expertise and resources to produce knowledge that has scientific validity, policy relevance and social robustness.

MareFrame will contribute to the EAFM by developing options for supporting and maintaining a balanced marine community, incorporating the socio-economic components. The project will also develop innovative visualization tools, using 3D gaming technology, and develop innovative learning simulations to communicate scientific results and management scenarios and raise public awareness towards the conservation of biodiversity.